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As a group, we have many years' experience supporting families in need, each member of our team brings a multitude of knowledge and expertise to the table and all are focused and committed to providing HOPE to each of our families.

This is what we want Nicholas' Hope Family Services Inc. to be to our community, a beacon of HOPE, people to lean on, other mothers, brothers, sisters and fathers who know what you are feeling because we have been there. We know where you are and because of this we can support you.

NHFS is a nonprofit organization that provides inclusive behavioral intervention services and support to individuals and their families to functionally improve their quality of life.

Our Founder, Cheryl Ashley has been working in the Family Service industry for over 30 years working collaboratively with multidisciplinary teams to find the best treatment plans for individuals diagnosed with neurodevelopmental diagnosis such as Autism, Fetal Alcohol Disorder, ADHD to name a few.

Cheryl is also the mother of a beautiful 36 year old daughter who is Autistic and still lives home with her. Cheryl is profoundly aware of the challenges faced by parents to find the right intervention and support for ourselves and our children. Starting this nonprofit allows NHFS to charge less than other for profit agencies and allows us to focus on the true work - helping our clients achieve their true maximum potential.

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 95 Millenium Blvd., Suite 201, Moncton, NB, E1E 2G7.

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